Question: Does the basic item for breeding matter? Or does it have to match the Sire?
The basic item needs to match one of the species being used. You cannot use a Cherry Candy Cane to breed a Yingan and a Fenix as the item is for the Khenaye.

Question: Can I breed my Aither (Celestial Guardian) to my Yingan?
Sorry, but no. The Aither is an Elemental Guardian, and can only be bred to other Elemental Guardians. It cannot be bred to a standard Katai species.

Question: Can Twins or Triplets occur without the use of an item?
Yes, they can, but the percentage is very low when it comes to those odds. If you want to guarantee twins, or the ever rare triplets (which is a Khenaye item guarantee only), you need to use the item that coincides with that species.

Question: Can you breed good to neutral?
I don't see why not :) It's only the Guardians that have strict 'type' breeding rules.

Question: How do you know if you have perma twins or regular twins?
Twins on the same cert are always perma-twins.

Question: If using a twin item, do you have two use two special potions (for example, two Eau de Noctem) for both babies to have the markings, or just one?
Using one item is fine :) It'll be applied to both babies if you're using a twin item with it, UNLESS you specifically request otherwise.

Question: I have 2 females and I plan to breed them together. Can I use the non carrying female again in another breeding?
Absolutely :)

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