The following species are considered neutrally aligned. They believe that both good & evil can be found in all creatures, large or small, and that all creatures have a choice in the path they walk. They have no stronger calling to either good nor evil, but can be swayed to go either way if they so choose to. They are fierce warriors who will do any thing to defend their loved ones and friends.

**For RP Purposes players can choose a side with their neutral Katai. **



Called from their placement in the shadows came the Bynx - creatures resembling the Demi-God, Muse, who had been crafted by the Deity Creator, Aearion Lithnae. These feline like creatures are the first of several species who refuse to choose a side of either good or evil. They strongly believe that one's path should be decided by that individual, not something you are born in to. As such, they live their life as far from the warring drama as possible, and tend to keep mainly to themselves - unless of course they have decided to pick a side, and take a stand.

Like the Atrois, Bynx are strong by nature even if they do not appear it. A single Bynx could move three Epinacus if given the chance. They are also highly intelligent, and would sooner apply logic to a situation than any thing else. Bynx are loving to those they have given their trust, and tend to put their lives on the line for those they care for.

This is one of the only species where the males and females do not alter significantly in size as both genders stand roughly 4.5ft high.



Herbivores that have taken a liking to keeping themselves hidden, the Shakunar can be found playing in the shadows that occupy Ro'ahan Forest - specifically around Sylver Lake, a large body of water that glows an unnatural silver hue during certain nights of the year.

These majestic creatures are really gentle giants who can be quite loving when push comes to shove. They prefer keeping to their own herds, though the idea of socializing with other species in Ferox is not foreign to them. Females tend to be very protective of their young even if the males tend to be the family protector by nature. It would be very unwise for one to come between a mother Shakunar and her calf.

Males, like many of the other species, are larger than females by a few inches, but several pounds. Females tend to stand roughly 4ft at the shoulder, but can get as large as 4.5ft at the shoulder as well.



Small tri-tailed red-panda like creatures, the Rotanda spend a majority of their time in the palms on Nubari Island. These lackadaisic beasts never seem to have a care in the world as they enjoy their island life just fine.

Full of life, love and spirit, the Rotanda are rumored to be able to develop life long bonds with any they call friends especially with those they care about. These creatures tend to be very loving parents to their young. Females, like many other species, are smaller than the males, but not by much. Males only exceed females when it comes to weight as they tend to be a bit more round than their mates.



The Panragon (the term applies to both singular and plural) are a species long forgotten to the rest of Ferox, almost a legend in the annals of Katai history. The stories are ancient and vary wildly as to the cause, but all agree that long ago the Panragon separated themselves from the rest of the outside world and sealed themselves away in the depths of Ferox's mountains and underworld. There, some legends say that they disappeared, tunneling into the realms of the gods themselves to live among them. Others claimed they died out, and became angry spirits that shake the foundations of the earth when disturbed. But the stories were seldom heard, and many Katai would not even recognize the name Panragon...until today.

A culture dwelling almost untouched by the outside world for millennia, growing and developing in strange ways, the Panragon are a unique race to Ferox. In their giant forges deep underground, they have cultivated the art of metallurgy, and are the only true metalworkers Ferox has yet seen. With their dexterous hands and feet, they are uniquely suited to tool use and delicate work, while their raw strength allows them to craft and shape metal and stone in ways few others could achieve. These sturdy, stocky frames show off their obvious strength, but their shuffling movement and slow speech hide their innate intelligence. Incredibly clever and skilled, the Panragon have primarily eschewed violence in their culture, preferring to show power and prowess through physical games, works of talent and skill, or conniving behind-the-scenes machinations. They rarely make decisions on the fly, but prefer to examine the situation as if it were a piece of metal to be shaped through one method or ruined through another.

Cloistered off from the "aboveworld," they have developed different notions of alliances and priorities than most Katai. These unsurpassed artisans are more likely to trade with both sides or sell their services to the highest bidder. However, they have a strong sense of family and clan loyalty and whatever morals an individual holds, he tends to hold them tightly.



Much like the Aquillion, the Honu can be found spending their time on the beaches of Nubari Islands. These beautiful sea turtles spend several months out of the year on the shores, while the rest of their time is spent diving and playing under the water. While they may be slow moving on land, the Honu are actually quite quick when in the water. The spikes along their shells also aid them should a predator come calling.

Females have been known to lay several eggs in one sitting, however due to natural circumstances (such as climate, predators, etc), only one to two eggs ever stand the chance of surviving.



The only breed in Ferox that has been created by the Deity of Death & Destruction, Zlo Pakao, the Neco are creatures brought into the world of the living from the world of the dead. After finding the right spells, and concocting the correct ingredients to perfect necromancy, Zlo Pakao unleashed these undead wonders into the world.

Unlike the other species of Katai in Ferox, the Neco have no set personality. They are not evil, nor are they light hearted. They simply just are as they are unable to think for themselves or form opinions on the things going on around them. This species also does not breed. They cannot for they are undead. They do, however, have a bone* which is rumored to do drastic things to the offspring of a Katai pairing if used.
*Please view the Items Shoppe for more information on the Neco Bone item


While most know that April showers bring May flowers, here in Ferox we know that it's really the Mycca who bring the flowers. These playful creatures only come around during the Spring months of March, April, and May. Adorned with large flowers about their necks, the Mycca tend to help with pollination, even if it's completely by accident due to their playful nature of chasing one another through the trees, or across the fields.

Mycca males tend to be a bit bigger than the females, but the females are much quicker due to their smaller frames. Too playful for their own good, they don't tend to stay settled down for too long. Females generally only have one offspring per seasons, but multiples have happened before.



A species that only appears during the Summer months of June, July and August, the Aurabex are just as mysterious as they are beautiful. It is uncertain as to where they came from, or where they hide when they hibernate for the remaining 9 months, but when they are about the days seem warmer and brighter. About their bodies are swirling stars rumored to be gifts from the Deity of Night, Tallail Ondoenth.

Male Aurabex are slightly larger than females in both height and stature. These creatures can stand roughly 4ft high, while females stand about 3.5ft high. Males are also quick to temper while their female counterparts are passive.



This delicate species prefers the cooler months of the Autumn, and can often be found in the forests of Ferox during September, October and November. They are jovial creatures who like nothing more than to run with their friends and family, playing pranks on one another, and getting themselves into all kinds of late night mischief. If something goes missing, it can be assumed it was because a Nirikat hid it!

Aside from being pranksters, the Nirikat, as a whole, are a very loving species. They tend to live in large, lion-like prides, and often group together when it comes to claiming homes. While males and females tend to be around the same size, male Nirikats have very long and twisted horns. The longer the horns, the older the Nirikat.



The majestic Serjhail has been the center of many tales of old, and much like the Panragon, has been thought to be extinct, or perhaps a rumor. They hail from the snow capped Serjhail Peaks - a mountain range set in the most northern area of Ferox, a range which is quite dangerous. Due to the dangers of the mountains, very few have ever ventured up the peaks, and those who have had only returned with stories of giant shadows cast down onto the grounds below them.

The Serjhail represent the Winter months of December, January and February. Equipped with thick, reptilian skin, and even thicker hair, the Serjhail enjoy the cold and can often be found flying through blizzards. These are creatures of whim, and as such, are hard to befriend let alone gain as an ally.