The following species are considered light aligned as they were crafted by the Deity Creator, Aearion Lithnae. They believe that good can be found in all creatures, large or small, and that things are inherently good aligned. They are fierce warriors who will do any thing to defend their loved ones and friends.

**Please note: For RP purposes 'light' species can be considered evil or neutral.**


The Khenaye

First to come forth and acknowledge the world outside of Ferox were the Khenaye. These dog like creatures are everything like their canine ancestors. They share many attributes of the grey wolf... and if it wasn't for the variety of colors these creatures come in, one would easily mistake the two species. Khenaye males are generally larger than the females and stand roughly 35 inches at the shoulder with a span of 6.5 feet from nose to tip. Females vary anywhere from 25 to 30 inches at the shoulder and are usually 4.5 feet in length.

Khenaye are pack animals, much like their wolf ancestors, and often times will mate for eternity. They are loyal to those they care about and will do anything to keep the Alphas of their pack safe. Khenaye males are generally the hunters of the pack, but it has been known to see a few females joining the hunting ranks. They breed two to three times a year, and litters have been known to produce anywhere from one to five pups (life mates) or one to three pups (seasonal mates). Pups will generally stay small until they reach roughly six months of age - in which case they will mature into adult hood.

The Khenaye species are playful, friendly and more importantly loving. They are true friends from the beginning to end, and view the bonding of humans and their species as a sacred ritual.


The Kobie

The Kobie are bear-like creatures that inhabit the forests throughout Ferox. They are very large in stature and possess powerful strength. The male Kobie has been known to range in weight between 450 and 800lbs, whereas the female Kobie has been known to range between 200 and 450lbs. The males have been seen to stand nearly 8 feet standing, where the females can stand between 6 and 7 feet tall. These truly gentle creatures are rumored to be blessed by the constellation Usra Major (the Great Bear) and will often thank their heavenly Goddess for their gifts of strength and their friends.

Having much belief in their Constellation Goddess, the Kobie will only address themselves by human-like names. Names such as Sunny or Fluffy are not welcomed amongst the clan and will more than likely get that Kobie expelled from the clan and also from the clans' land. The Kobie pride themselves on their human-like names and attributes.

They are truly devoted to their clan and to those they have named as allies - and will stop at nothing from protecting those they love from threats. Although their clan leaders will mate for life, the rest of the clan will only mate seasonally. Their litters can range from one to two, and often times will reflect combinations of markings from the parents (not genetically like the Khenaye).

Because the Kobie have many bear-like qualities, they are incredible swimmers, trackers and protectors. Their massive strength is sometimes seen as a curse as the younger in the clan do not always know how strong they really are. Deep down their large exterior, one can learn that a Kobie is very gentle and loving. They love to have fun and play, but are not afraid to stand up for what they believe in.


The Yingan

The Yingan are the feline types that have slowly started coming forth in the land of Ferox. These creatures are very curious animals and love to be constantly, and consistently learning about their new surroundings and their new friends. They are slim in their stature and even reaching adulthood the males very seldom exceed 60lbs. They stand roughly 3ft. at the shoulder and from nose to tail measure approximately 6ft. Small but mighty, do not under estimate the size and girth of the Yingan, they are very agile fighters and are often extremely ruthless if they need to be.

Yingan are families creatures and often times they will either mate for life or for multiple breeding seasons. Their young, often called Kitts, will stay with the family until they are prepared to begin a family of their own. Often times, the Kitts will home near the parents to keep their family close. They do not believe in one solid leader, and often each family will have it's own head of the home - but they do believe in helping out their fellow species.

Kitts are curious to a fault and often times will end up in more trouble than they care to be in. They, much like their adult guides, love to learn and explore as much as possible - it is said that a curious group of Kitts were the ones that discovered the other half of Ferox... and because of their discovery, the Yingan arrived.


The Kasui

The Kasui are large, reptile like creatures that have been discovered in the deserts of Ferox. Their large body are covered in light-weight scales that seem to glisten in the sunlight. Many believe this helps keep the large beasts cool during the day, and yet warm at night. Males are much larger than females as they stand approximately 4.5 feet from ground to shoulder - the large fin on their back is said to add an additional 2 feet to their form. Kasui males range in weight between 400 and 550 lbs. Females, on the other hand, are slightly smaller weighing approximately 300 lbs and standing 3.5 feet from ground to shoulder.

Their large tails act as a balance for their large bodies and come in handy both on the hot desert sands and in the water. Despite their physical appearance, Kasui are very agile swimmers and can swim without tiring for up to two miles.

Unlike other species in Ferox, the Kasui are very family oriented creatures and seldom have more than one mate in their lifetime. The foals from their litters will generally stay with its parents until it is ready to be on its own and with its own mate. Kasui females generally have one foal at a time, although some have been known to bare two - this is a rare occasion if witnessed. As shy as they might be, Kasui are very noble and loyal to their friends and family. They are excellent protectors and often will give their life to protect one that they care for.

 photo KasuiMaleExcopy_zps04367295.png


The Vestica

Mysterious and breath-taking, the Vestica are the first aquatic species to surface in Ferox. These beautiful creatures are just as mysterious as the ocean they live in. Both the males and females mimic a sea lion, the difference lies in the fact that the males have a unique bulb that hangs over their face similar to an angler fish. No one is certain as to how much these creatures weigh - however the longest male as been measured at approximately 6 feet from nose to tail (excluding the tail fur), while females are slightly smaller at 5 feet.

No one is certain as to whether or not these creatures mate for life or accept multiple mates within their lifetime, but it has been discovered that females primarily bare one calf during breeding season. On very rare occasions a female can have two calves, but as stated it is very rare. Being as mysterious as they are, the Vestica is only loyal to their species - not to any other.


The Fenix

Hailing from the Northern Mountains, the majestic Fenix is the newest species to be discovered in the great land of Ferox. These legendary birds are not only beautiful but incredibly intelligent. Males carry a wing span of approximately 6.5 feet, which a female's wing span will reach approximately 5 feet. Much like their aviary ancestors, the Fenix will often choose a few mates to have in their lifetime.

These giant birds are gentle and majestic, but also very loving to their families no matter how large or spread out they are. Due to their large size, the Fenix will only have one egg per breeding, but much like the Vesticas it is a rare, and special, find to see two eggs in their nest.

Fenix are very loyal to their own kind. They will, however, offer assistance to those other species in need, however it is not something they feel very compelled to do. Fenix are very proud creatures and can be seen by others as being vain - a small flaw but one they do not pay attention to.


The Aerithas

Soaring through the pale blue skies are the Aerithas. Beautiful creatures known for bringing prosperity and joy to all who befriend them, these beings enjoy laughing, giggling and singing. They are heavily devoted to their clans, nurturing mothers, and adoring guides.

Females tend to be slightly smaller than males, and both seem to be no larger than a fox or coyote. Their wings tend to flutter on a smaller span, however can extend a great distance if need me to carry the being from one place to another. They enjoy the company of other land dwelling creatures and will often be found palling around with the Yingan or Khenaye.

Aerithas can have any where from 1 to 3 per litter with 3 being a very rare occurrence.


The Aquillion

Having heard rumors that those silly vestica surfaced, the Aquillion decided to come forward to show off their existence. Many weren't certain how these feline-fish types came to be, but they knew one thing: they were just as playful as a kitten, and as slippery as a seal. Aquillions love to ride the waves that splash on the shores. They enjoy basking on the beaches, splashing their friends, and playing in the coral surrounding Nubari Island.

Unlike most species, both genders tend to be roughly the same size. They differ drastically, however, in appearance. A male aquillion has a large, dolphin like tail while female aquillions have elegant, mermaid like tails. Being naturally playful creatures, these beings tend to choose multiple mates over their life time. Their litters can range from 1 to 2 per season.


The Ka Hrok

Skittering through the trees and diving into the sea are the Ka Hrok - small, aquatic squirrel like creatures who spend more time collecting nuts and berries than any one else! These critters are the smallest of the species in Ferox and stand roughly 1.5 feet high. Being so small gives them a natural advantage when it comes to quickness as their light bodies allow them to pounce from tree to tree, or swim smoothly through the water.

Males tend to be slightly larger than females and broader as well. Females can bear up to 2 offspring per season and have sometimes been rumored to bear 3. The Ka Hrok are the only land swelling species who give birth to water based offspring. Ka Hrok offspring very closely resemble tadpoles, and remain this way for several months before growing into adults.

Curious and courageous, these small beings are not one to mess with. Their tiny build is made up for in their fierce will to survive and constant need to feel mighty compared to all the larger species around them.


The Lunaselle

Glowing brightly in the night are the Lunaselle - feline like creatures that had a unique feature on their backs which glow brightly lighting the way for those who need guidance in the dark. These creatures are silent saviors, devoted companions and simply wonderful to be around. They are said to bring hope to those who come in contact with them, and have an eerie way of taking away one's fears.

Lunaselle females are much smaller than males and stand only 2.5 feet high whereas the males stand 4 feet high. Females, however, tend to glow much brighter across their backs and males tend to host a soft, pale glow. Loving, devoted and loyal, these creatures will mate to others, but will always stay active in their offsprings' lives.


The Tampuli

Perhaps one of the most docile creatures to be found in Ferox is the Tampuli. This very laid back species prefers lounging on the rocks near the beach over any thing else. They are simple beings who enjoy the company of others but also enjoy the quiet of an afternoon breeze as well.

Tampuli tend to travel in herds of anywhere from 7 to 15 of their kind. Males tend to stand 6.5 feet from head to toe, while females are slightly smaller at 5.5 feet. Most Tampuli live in the valleys of Ferox, though there have been rumors that shaggier Tampuli have been found in the snowy mountains.

During breeding seasons they can produce any where from 1 to 3 offspring.


The Meirkala

Small, but certainly not forgotten are the Meirkala: rodent like creatures that have adapted to living in any terrain Ferox has to offer. While these creatures do enjoy the company of their loved ones, they are also too curious for their own good and can often be found wandering alone. They can be quite troublesome, and have been labeled as head-strong by some of the other species as they are quite persistent once they have made up their mind.

Uniquely designed, these creatures can often be found using their tails for a number of things which includes, but is not limited to, assistance in climbing, swinging, extra limbs, etc. Meirkala males are larger than females and stand roughly 3ft high, while females are significantly smaller at 2ft. Their litters can produce any where from 1-2 kits.