The Katai Code
Rules & Regulations for ALL Katai events

I. Do NOT - under ANY circumstance - steal, borrow, use the art found within this adoptable. All artwork is owned by M. Pirlis and therefore should not be reproduced or duplicated without permission.

II. Respect those who are playing around you; We are an open & friendly community and we would like to stay this way

III. No whining, begging or over all complaining - we play with positive attitudes, people who bring negative ones are not tolerated

IV. Please keep all of the standard PI Rules in mind, keep your language clean at all times

V. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE read ALL event rules before participating: Rules were not written for the fun of it, they are there to keep things organized. Anyone who does not follow the rules of an event will be disqualified from that event.

VI. If it is requested that you do not edit your posts, do not try to be sneaky about it

VII. There is a 30 Day Certing Window on all events. This means you have 30 days from the end of an event to get certing information to The Katai. At the end of the 30 days those prizes that have not been claimed will be reused during future events.

VIII. Remember to have fun! We are a large community and are always welcoming in new members into our family. Do not be afraid of the size of our threads, no one will shun you away!

The Katai is also a Role Play encouraged adoptable. As such, our role plays have specific rules. You can view those rules by visiting the Role-Play link on our navigation.