Role Playing, as easily defined as possible, is the art of creating a character from something (in this case a Katai!) and giving it a personality, background, strengths, weaknesses, etc and acting/reacting to situations.

Some role playing events will be created and designed with a sole outcome, whereas others will simply be for fun and a way for you (the player!) to develop your new Katai character!

The art of role playing with the Katai has been completely revamped.

As such, new goals have been added as well as prizes that will be awarded during events and after ward. A band new experience (XP) field has been added as well. Below is a breakdown of how experience will work, how it is awarded, and how it affects you, the mun/player/puppeteer.


Experience, or XP, is what gives your Katai it's strength for battle, and for the magic it can & will be permitted to use.

Every standard species Katai will start with an automatic 1 XP and will be able to earn more through RP events as they come and go. Experience can also be earned by doing various things, being awarded for activity in an RP, or by having various items attached to your Katai.

Katai will also be able to use their Companions and Guardians as experience boosts. For Example: A Katai with a companion can have an additional +1 XP for the duration of the RP as an attached companion allows a +1 XP boost to that particular Katai. Katai with Guardians will also receive an XP boost as well.

Boosts are not a permanent fixture to your Katai's XP; instead, boosts only last for the duration of the RP. Also, it should not be assumed that all boosts can be used during every RP. Each RP will come with it's own set of rules & regulations, as such they are expected to be followed. If a RP is posted that states only specific Guardians are permitted, only that type of boost will be allowed. If a RP is posted that states no Guardians or Companions, no boosts will be allowed. It all will vary depending on the RP that is going on that that time.

The following is an over view of how boosts are broken down:

Companion -- +1 XP
Elemental Guardian -- +4 XP
Celestial Guardian -- +6 XP
Eternal Guardian -- +9 XP

As you can see, if you are role playing a Katai that has all of the above, your Katai will receive atleast an automatic+20 XP boost for that particular RP (provided all of the above are permitted).

As your Katai gains in XP, their Guardian or Companion, will grow as well. What this means is for every 5 XP points you character earns, the boost your character's Guardian or Companion provides will increase by +1. Essentially, having Guardians or a Companion attached to your Katai can be very beneficial if you plan to be an active member of our RP community.

With such strong boosts running around Ferox, there are bound to be rules and regulations that come with them.

These are basic, over all rules, and some small changes from previous RP events. Please note that these are not all of the rules, just the beginning ones, and things you will need to know before beginning:

All characters must have an approved profile before you can begin. Players wishing to participate in Ferox RPs must be willing to put together a character profile, and submit it for review. A quick over view for a profile would contain the character's name, element, magic (if any), and a brief history. Creating a profile does not guarantee it will be accepted as all profiles (including Staff profiles!) must be approved prior to entering any of the new Rps created. For more information on character profiles, please scroll down to the section entitled Character Profiles.

You must have an established character in Ferox RP before attaching ANY Guardian to it. What this basically means is, you will not be permitted to randomly throw in a powerful character with no back history in our RPs. All potential characters must be involved in at least one RP Event before being permitted to use the XP Boost a Guardian allows them to have. **Exceptions will be made for those characters who have previously been in past RP events that have Guardians attached. All new characters will be subject to this new rule/feature. **

Guardians will now be a bit harder to obtain! Due to the XP Boost they provide, Guardians will now be a bit more difficult to obtain. Not to worry! They will still be available as prizes through our 1 PG Raffles (Birthday & Christmas), but it will only be 2 per species (Elemental & Celestial), and 1 per species (Eternal) as opposed to more. Eternal Guardian items will also be more limited during raffles as well, but they will be available as prizes.

All RP Events will come equipped with their own rules. At the start of every RP there will be an information post. This will contain the necessary information everyone participating will need to know before posting in the thread. Some information will include the setting, RP Leaders, brief over view & character limitations.

Bolding goes a long way! It will be asked of everyone that when your character is speaking to another, that you bold the name of the character they are speaking to. Likewise, anything of importance (speech, actions, etc) that needs to be paid attention to will also be bolded. Bolding should not be abused, and only used when necessary. You will see the most bolding in replies posted by the RP Leaders as they will be the ones to move the plot along.

So before we move on to Magic … let's discuss Guardians!

Logically speaking, a Guardian character is a character that can aid your Katai in battles, bond with them as friends, and protect them from any harm that may come their way. Though they are permitted to be played alone without a Katai as their ward, Guardians will not earn XP the way a standard Katai character would.

As lone characters, Guardians have their own XP which cannot be increased or decreased.

Elemental Guardians :: 30 XP
Celestial Guardians :: 60 XP
Eternal Guardians :: 100 XP

Please keep in mind that all characters must be approved before entering any RP, this also goes for stand alone Guardian characters. A player should never assume they will be permitted to participate with a Guardian just because they have created a profile for one, or have met the RP requirements. . Guardians, as a whole, are special characters and therefore only players who have proven to be mature enough to handle playing one will be permitted to do so in any active RP event.

Eternal Guardians are the most powerful Guardians as lone characters, players are asked to participate in at least two RP events before creating a profile for their Eternal Guardian character.

A player is asked to participate in at least one RP event before Elemental or Celestial Guardian lone characters can be entered.

Please be advised that just like standard Katai characters, Guardian profiles must also be approved before they can enter a RP event.

Having a Guardian as a protector to a Katai ward is 100% different than using the Guardian as a lone character. The XP a Guardian as a lone character has does not transfer to the Katai character when bonded. What this means is, if you have a 1 XP Katai character who has an Elemental Guardian bonded to them, their XP does not, and will not, increase to 31 XP. The Katai will remain at 1 XP, but he or she will be granted the XP boost the Guardian provides.

Guardians may start as lone characters and attached to a Katai after a RP, as the bonding may be played out if the player prefers. Please remember the above; bonding only brings about the XP boost to the Katai, not the XP the lone Guardian character has.

Likewise, should a bond be broken, a Guardian is permitted to return to lone status, however, they will lose half their XP as a stand alone character.


  Ferox thrives and survives off of the four main elemental magics:  Fire, Earth, Air & Water.  Deriving from these are also the categories of Electric, Psychic, Light & Dark, but these categories are much rarer & harder to control and therefore only powerful Katai have been rumored to have mastered them.

  All of the basic categories contain a select number of powers in which all Katai thrown in to the RP world can start with.  Please note that you must select one (and only one) element to begin with.  Over time, and through earning experience, your character can earn additional elements, as well as upgrade to more dangerous or rare elements.  The element selection will be done through your character's profile.  You will also be asked to select two out of the three basic abilities for your character to use during RP game play - please make sure you read the abilities carefully and ask questions as necessary.  Once abilities are selected, they cannot be changed.  These abilities will be able to be upgraded along the way also as your character gains more experience. Upgrades will be automatic, you will not need to ask to upgrade your character. Once your character reaches the next ability level, he or she will automatically qualify for those abilities.

  Unlike before, Magic will be something that is allowed within the realm of Ferox, but like everything there will be rules and regulations that accompany it.  Your character will only be permitted to use approved magics that coincide with the element you have selected. In some plot lines additional, or one-time-use-only magics will be permitted. These will be far and few, and only a select number of players will be permitted.

Role Play & Magic Rules: