The Birth of the Katai

As time progressed, Aearion and the other Deities created more life forms, while Zlo Pakao created more obstacles for the life forms to avoid.

After many years of quiet in Ferox, Aearion grew tired of creating simple objects.  There were plenty of birds, and fish, and mammals.  There were enough trees, and flowers, and meadows.  A hole grew in the gut of the Life Deity, and it needed be filled with something more than what was already done.

Together, with the help of the other Deities, Aearion crafted a wolf-like creature from the clay found in one of Falataur's rivers.  The Deity gave it eyes to see, ears to hear, and a nose to smell.  It gained four legs to move around on, and a long fox like tail for balance and support.  Last, but not least, Aearion crafted a mouth to the creature which would allow it to eat and speak.

This life form was different from the others, Aearion had explained to the other Deities,  this life form would talk as they did.  It would be able to feel things around it, think for itself, and make decisions.  This life form would be much more intelligent than others that had been crafted, and it would be the first species out of several.

When asked what the name of the species was, Aearion smiled and stated, "The Katai, that is what we will call these creatures."

He crafted more from clay - all kinds of life forms that came in all kinds of sizes.  One life form resembled a feline, another a bear, and another something that looked more like a reptile than anything else.  Aearion named each one as well - Khenaye, Kobie, Yingan, Kasui ... He created many of these creatures, and set them loose in the world of Ferox.

Riddled with jealousy, Zlo Pakao wanted to create life forms as well and soon intervened with the Life Deity's creations.

The Deity of Death and Destruction argued that the creatures Aearion created were good natured, kind and gentle.  A world would not and could not survive if everything was as soft and sweet as their Deity leader.  Surprised by this outburst, the other Deities began to bicker amongst themselves.  Some agreed with Zlo - why have a world with only the good willed, where was the balance between good and evil?  Reluctantly, once again Aearion gave in to Zlo's demands and created life forms full of evil and malcontent.  He crafted some that looked like combinations of things; giant lizards, lions with wings, large pigs and many others.  Much like the gentler life forms, he named these as well - Malavado, Epinacus, Emusha ...

Yet once more, Aearion stood aside and welcome evil into the world.