The Birth of Ferox

Time started with a grain of sand that grew into a vast world which was empty.  The first of eleven deities descended into this world, and it came to be known as Ferox. 

The eldest of the eleven, the first to arrive, was named Aearion Lithnae; a simple minded creature who's core energy was focused on creating life, keeping a general balance and promoted the well being in and of others.  Aearion brought forth the other ten deities of whom each represented a crucial element to sustain a successful world. 

The next to arrive after Aearion Lithnae was Sundra Pankha.  Tiny in size, and lithe in stature, Sundra blessed the world of Ferox with the gift of air.  From air came wind, and the first necessity to life was created.  Aearion smiled upon Sundra and offered thanks for the assistance of this world's creation. 

Falataur Glanar, the third to arrive, brought forth water into this land and created lakes, streams, ponds and oceans.  Together with wind, storms were born and although Aearion wanted a peaceful land, the allowance of great and simple storms was allowed. 

From the ground sprouted giant mountain ranges, vast valleys, and plunged deep with chasms.  Smiling triumphantly, Medethiel Norodel was the third to arrive. the Deity of Earth.  Together with water, larger chasms were born, deeper trenches, and wider pools.  Medethiel blessed the valleys with large forests, fields of wild flowers, and foliage.  Once again, Aearion was pleased with the work. 

Bursting of lava and dark smoke came fire from the peaks of several mountains that Medethiel had forged.  Cromloth Li'thel descended into this new world and brought forth fire - a destructive and dangerous element.  Weary of the power fire possessed, Aearion made Cromloth promise to keep the flames well hidden within the mountain peaks as the desire to keep this world in pristine condition was fierce.  Agreeing to abide by the elder's desire, Cromloth hid the fire inside the mountains and thus volcanoes were born. 

Toraether Alderan created the first day and night which allowed time to be born.  Pleased with this new element, Aearion wove together the hands of time and pulled forth from it twins; Tathyir & Tallaial Ondoenth.  Tathyir became the keeper of Day, the Deity who blessed the sky with the sun, wove strands of water and air together for clouds, and painted the world with reds, pinks and oranges to announce the rise and fall of the golden globe.  Tallaial became the Deity of the Night, and from the globe known as the sun pulled pieces to replicate it's counterpart, the moon.  Together with the help of the other Deities, stars were born as well as galaxies and constellations.  Tallaial placed an outline of Aearion in to the sky to serve as a reminder of who created this beautiful place.  Aearion was flattered. 

Soon, Aearion was prepared to introduce emotion into his world.  He called upon feuding siblings Kiseth & Haeos Taleme.  Kiseth was as beautiful as the sunrise both inside and out.  It was only natural that Aearion would place this Deity in control of love and passion, as someone who held the same beauty would be able to send this power to all soon-to-be living things inside this world.  Haeos laughed when love and passion had been awarded, and argued that true emotion lay in the head, not in the heart.  For this reasoning, Aearion placed Haeos as the Deity of Knowledge & Strength.  Brimming with pride, Haeos gloated to Kiseth, but was soon cut short as Aearion placed both Deities in charge of war and explained that true battle needed all emotion in order to function.  Bemused by this decision, the siblings accepted their fate, but refused to mend their feuding ways. 

It was here that Ferox began to thrive.  Slowly but surely small life forms were created by Aearion.  Insects and mammals were placed in the forests.  Sea dwelling creatures arrived in the seas, and aviaries of all sizes took to the skies. 

Aearion was pleased and joined the other Deities on high to watch over the land they had all created. 

It was said that several years after the creation of this world, the creatures of the world began to grow ill.  Those which were the worst began to die off, and disease spread amongst the species.  Horrified that something like this could occur, Aearion demanded to know which of the Deities unleashed such a travesty across the land they had perfected. 

Rising from a giant whirlpool that formed in an ocean Falataur had created came the Deity of Death, Destruction and Chaos; Zlo Pakao.  Laughing at the flustered Deities, Zlo explained that there was no way for a world to survive if death was not present.  Skeptical of the reasoning, but convinced that it were true, Aearion allowed Zlo a seat amongst the others, and welcomed death into the world.