Welcome to the adoptable known as The Katai.

This Pony Island based adoptable began in Introductions on July 22nd 2008 and entered Generals on August 12th 2008. It features art by several different artists and is run solely by Sunneh.

The adoptable features over 20 choices from standard, easy to obtain species, to harder to obtain and rare Guardians as well as love-pairs.

It allows breeding between opposite gender and same gender species, and runs monthly events as well in Adoptables General on Pony Island.

The Katai offers PG/BP/USD customs. PG & BP customs are quite limited. USD Customs are more commonly open, though one should send a PM to The Katai on PonyIsland to see if they are available.

Any questions regarding the adoptable should be sent to The Katai on Pony Island.