Question: Do we need items to breed our Love-Pairs?
No. Love-Pairs are item-less breeds, therefore you do not need items to breed a Love-Pair. However, because they are item-less they are not permitted to use other items with the breeding.

Question: When are Love-Pairs allowed to breed?
Love-Pairs are permitted 1 Item-less breed per season and will count towards that person's 2 slot allotment.

Question: If/When you are accepting Out-of-Season breedings, can we use that item to breed them?
No. Because Love-Pairs are item-less breeds to begin, they are only permitted to breed during Breeding Season, and they are not permitted to use items.

Question: What if I want twins from my Love-Pair?
Love-Pairs are guaranteed one offspring per breed. Whereas it is possible for a pair to produce Twins, that will be very rare. Triplets will be highly unlikely.

Question: If my Love-Pair has matching genes, will the baby have the same genes?
It is possible, but it is also unlikely. Because Love-Pairs are super special in the fact that they are item-less breeds, markings/genes will be completely random. Just because both parents show paint or zig-zags does not mean the offspring will.

Question: My Love-Pair is black & white, does this mean the baby will be grey?
Much like the markings/genes response, colors work the same way. The baby of a Love-Pair will be random in their colors, but all colors will come from the mother and father. If you have a yellow male and a blue female, chances are you will NOT receive a green offspring. The baby would be a combination of yellows, blues and even greens.

Question: I really love my Love-Pair, but I think the male/female would look nice with another Katai I have. Can I breed those?
I'm sorry but no. Love-Pairs are exactly that. LOVE-PAIRS. Therefore they are ONLY permitted to breed to each other and not to any other Katai.

Question: Will there be male x male or female x female Love-Pairs?
Again, I'm sorry, but no. Same gender breeding is permitted through regular Katai and through same gender items. Love-Pairs being item-less breeds are special breeds and therefore are only male x female.

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