There was a time in Ferox where life had been calm, and peaceful. The species that lived there knew nothing of war. They knew nothing of hate and jealousy, and knew nothing of pain.

As time went on, things slowly began to change. The world of Ferox developed between storms and erosion. Great chasms were forged from small holes, giant mountains climbed into the skies, and areas that once held beautiful fields turned to dust and became desolate. As the areas around Ferox changed, the attitude within the world changed as well. Certain species became jealous of others and constantly wondered why a certain species was given something when they were not.

Eventually, small fights broke out between those living within the world.... Small fights turned into larger ones, and eventually the first of many ongoing feuds began.

Horrified by the way things were going, higher beings emerged from all the North, the South, the East and the West. They called themselves Guardians, and they held only one mission, one objective on Ferox - to keep the peace amongst the inhabitants no matter the cost.

When the first great war had ended, the Guardians withdrew from the land having vowed to return should the need arise.

Now, centuries past their time, the Guardians have descended upon Ferox once more. They are here to regulate between those who have aligned their lives in the light, and those who follow the darkness.

Elemental Guardians

Celestial Guardians

Eternal Guardians