Question: If we don't have a guardian to breed, can we use the third slot for a standard breed, or is it for guardian's only?
The third slot is specifically Guardians only. Each user is permitted 2 slots for normal breeds and 1 slot for Guardians. If you do not have a Guardian to breed, you still get 2 slots for normals.

Question: What are the breeding Items for Mitsukai?
The Mitsukai are Guardian. You'll need to review the rules on them which are also on the website :)

Question: Can I use a twin item and a glowing orb so I get one eternal guardian and one regular baby?
Guardians are itemless breeds. This means you cannot use any item with them regardless of what it is.

Question: For a 1st generation eternal guardian breeding, if I were breeding it with a normal Katai, would that count as a guardian breeding, or count for one of my 2 normal breeding slots?
The third slot is specifically for Guardian x Guardian breeds. If you are breeding an Eternal Guardian to a standard Katai, it would count toward a standard slot.

Question: Can eternal guardians breed with celestial?
Eternals only have permission to breed to Standard Katai, otherwise, they breed with other Eternal and follow the same rules as the other guardians.

Question: Since guardians are an itemless breed, do they have to be male x female?
No. Guardians can be same or opposite gender breeds, they are not limited in that way as the standard breeds are.

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