Question: Should each claim for a slot be sent as a separate PM?
Yes. This is why the Subject Line needs to state the slot type :) If it gets confusing on your end, please feel free to # it (Standard #1, Standard #2, Guardian #1)

Question: Can people without a Katai buy a breeding item for a pair in exchange for the child/children? (that is, of course, if we have worked out a deal with the pair's owner/owners)
Provided the owner(s) of the Katai you are borrowing have posted permission, yes. As stated, the person who OWNS the item must send in the form.

Question: How do we claim slots?
All you need to do is send a PM to the Katai account when breeding season is open with the breeding form filled out correctly.

Question: If we do not have a Guardian to breed, can we use the third slot for another Standard breeding?
The third slot is specifically for Guardians. If you do not have a Guardian to breed, you cannot exchange it for a third slot. Each user is permitted two standard slots, not more.

Question: Regarding the growth formula: Can that be used on Perma-Twins?
Growth Forumla absolutely cannot be used on Perma-Twins. They are permanently twins for a reason. It can, however, but used on Perma-Babies and must be used prior to the season starting, not during.

Question: Can perma-twins or perma-babies be bred?
Babies do not breed. Ew.

Question: Can CYOs breed?
As long as they are adults, I don't see why not?

Question: Is it fine to edit in new permissions (before the deadline) in our one post in the Breeding Permissions thread or does it need to be one complete post at once?
You can edit as you go, I'll be looking as forms come in to make sure permission is there (very much advised to not send forms until permission has been posted if you are waiting on it as well).

Question: When will babies be posted?
Babies will be posted once the season has ended, and all results have been completed. Unfortunately, there cannot be a more specified answer as quickness will depend on the number of requests placed.

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