Welcome to Ferox... a world in which The Katai call home.

The world of Ferox is very similar to Earth in which both planets offer resources for life, and of course various terrain and environments for those living there. Each species of Katai have a different area of this world to call home.

The following information is to help guide you through their world.

Ferox: Seasons of the Year

In comparison to Earth, Ferox is a slightly warmer planet as a whole. It also experiences the fours seasons just as Earth does, and each season brings about different types of weather pattens as well. Each season is guided by one of the Elemental Guardians while the time of day is dictated by the Celestial Guardians.

Spring :: Spring is associated with the Earth Guardian the Terra. These Elemental Guardians pull their powers together to create new life in trees, flowers, grass and all other plants that can be found in Ferox. Spring begins anywhere from mid-March and lasts up until mid-June. Temperature wise, the Spring can range anywhere from highs in the low to mid 70s, and lows from the mid to lower 50s.

Summer :: Summer is associated with the Fire Guardian the Ignis. These Elemental Guardians pull their powers to keep the months of Summer hot and sweaty for the inhabitants of Ferox - they truly have a harder job as each area of Ferox ranges in their own temperatures.. Summer ranges from mid-June to mid-September. The Serezade Desert can range anywhere from mid-80s to low 100s depending on the day. The Aleha Forest can range anywhere from the upper 70s to low 90s while the ocean can reach temperatures near 80 on the surface. Each area of Ferox experiences something different during the summer months.

Autumn :: Autumn is associated with the Air Guardian the Aither. These Elemental Guardians pull their powers together to cool off the heat the Ignis have brought about, and with the help of the Terra change the color of the leaves on most of the trees. Autumn ranges from mid-September to mid-December and temperatures, much like the summer months, can range anywhere from mid to lower 40s to mid to lower 70s.

Winter :: Winter is associated with the Water Guardian the Madidus. These Elemental Guardians pull their powers together to summon snow-fall and colder temperatures. Winter can range anywhere from mid-December to mid-March. Due to Ferox being a slightly warmer world, it is only areas like the Serjhail Peaks that receive large amounts of snow during the season. The other areas of Ferox could receive anywhere from 3 - 9 inches per season, but it is not as common as the mountains. The Serezade desert normally does not see snowfall as the weather here is always much hotter than the rest of Ferox.

Ferox: Land Information

Serjhail Peaks

Serjhail Peaks is located in the Northern area of Ferox. The mountain range here rivals the Himalayas in their height as the peaks are said to be seen from space and have been estimated at a towering 22,000 feet high. Due to the extreme change in climate on these peaks, there are not many species that live here.

The Epinacus have come to call some of the lower ranges home.

It is also rumored that somewhere nestled in between some of the higher peaks there is a forgotten, ancient city. Some say this area is haunted by the ghosts of the past, and others just believe it to be the ruins of a civilization that has come and gone. Regardless of the truth, the ruin of Serjhail City looms in between some of the higher peaks, and can only be seen when the mist has cleared.

Serezade Desert

Serezade Desert is home to both the Kasui and the Malvado species in Ferox. The sands here range for miles around the neighboring area and play hommage to old ruins, small mountains and basic canyons.

The Kasui that dwell here have come to call the smaller mountains and rock formations home, whereas their less-than-nice neighbors, the Malvados, have taken over the ruins of the old desert city.

Much like the city of Serjhail, Serezade City was once a booming and blossoming town where many came to trade, live, and work. Now, centuries later, the city lies in ruins, taken over by the evil Malvado, and left for dead.

The Nubari Islands

The Nubari Islands are a small cluster of islands between the coasts of Ro'ahan Valley and L'astro Plains. These islands often play home to the Vestica, who enjoy sunning theirselves on the soft banks. On the center island - which is nestled between four smaller islands - one can find both Khenaye and Yingan who enjoy the ocassional swim to reach this destination.

Small shops and run down shacks can also be found here...

Ro'ahan Valley/Forest

Ro'ahan Valley plays home to a majority of the Katai that can be found in Ferox. Here the Yingan run playfully through the fields, the Khenaye lay lazily along the riverside and the Kobie enjoy the quiet of the small rock formations. The valley is also border to Ro'ahan Forest where the Kobies primarily call home.

In Ro'ahan Forest is not only home to the Kobies, but also to the Emusha and Caveo as well. Here in the depths of the dark shadows the darker species of Ferox dwell and spawn. They do not take kindly to strangers entering their woods and will often chase out those they dislike. Only enter if you absolutely must.

Molarci Caverns
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Set off on the opposite side of Ferox lies the haunting caverns, Molarci. These caverns are home to the Volans - the dark bats that invade the skies of Ferox at night in search of prey. These caverns appear small on the outside, but upon further investigation one can find that they not only extend out into the mountain base, but also down into the ocean.

The underwater caverns play home to the Hybodus who - much like the Emusha and Caveo - do not enjoy the visitation of others.

The Fyr'azi Pitons
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The Fyr'azi Pitons are another set of mountains located on the opposite side of Serjhail Peaks. These mountains are home to the Fenix and have been rumored to house an active volcano somewhere in the middle of the higher tips.

Atrois Valley

Atrois Valley is place hidden away from the rest of Ferox, and serves as the grounds for the world's villain, Zlo Pakao. This place can only be accessed by following a tunnel through the mountains as the valley itself is cloaked in magic which causes it to remain hidden from those who travel around, or over the area.

It is here that the Atrois species has been banished. Over the years, they created their own homes from the caverns in the valley and built their own huts as well. Those living in exile were not lost as the valley provides everything one needs in order to survive. Certainly a world within Ferox.

The Forbidden Towers

Crumbling from centuries of wear and tear, the towers sit quietly near the L'astro Plains. No one is certain as to where they came from, or when they arrived, but rumor has it the Deities themselves created them for a purpose that was never passed on. Other rumors claim the towers to be haunted by the ghosts of Ferox's past, but no one knows for certain as no one has dared to cross the moat.

Presumably off-limits to visitors, the towers sit on a small piece of land surrounded by a bottomless moat. The center structure has four doors upon it's faces, each one facing North, South, East and West. One can assume that each of the four doors leads to one of the towers... but it's not like any one has ever tried to see what's inside.