In every society there is a consent battle of good versus evil - Ferox was never any different.

From the very beginning their existence was silent. They never made a sound, nor did they ever make their presence known. As time went on, and as more and more evil infiltrated the innocent world, the need for a greater being beyond the Elements and the Celestial plains was called for.

From the sliver of silver lining came the glowing Seraphims; Large, beautiful creatures with three sets of magnificent wings. They stood for justice, peace and loyalty. They emerged from the souls of those with golden, glorious hearts, and vowed to take down any darkness along their way.

Likewise, from the depths of the dankest, darkest pit rose the Hellions; Brash, destructive and devious creatures with large tattered batwings and powerful jaws & claws. They stood for death, betrayal and malicious intent. These horrific beasts clawed their way out of those who had black hearts, who enjoyed watching others suffer and who loved nothing more than causing pain to all around them.

They would be known as the Eternal Guardians. Beings who fused their spirit to their ward's soul - beings who could only exist from powerful hearts albeit dark hearts or golden ones.



Ward ~ The title of the Katai the Guardian has chosen to protect. Wards and Guardians are so well connected that they can sense each other's feelings even if not in the same area together. Guardians can also come to their Ward's side the moment they are called upon. Guardians are only permitted to service ONE Ward.



Eternal Guardians are, indeed, very special creatures, and as such have the capability to protect any Katai who already has protection from an Elemental and/or Celestial Guardian. A Katai who has protection from an Eternal Guardian should not never consider their self to be immortal or indestructible. They can be wounded in battle, they can be harmed, it will just take a bit more strength, energy and persistence.


Breeding Information

There are two ways to receive an Eternal Guardian via breeding:

The first way is to breed two first generation Eternal Guardians together. Can't tell if your Eternal Guardian is a first generation one? Check the bottom left corner of the certificate; if it states wild x wild you are the proud owner of a first generation Eternal Guardian. These are the only type of Eternal Guardians when bred that will guarantee an Eternal Guardian offspring. Any time an Eternal Guardian, who is not a first generation, is bred, the result will be a random Katai species (non Guardian).

The second way is to use one of the Eternal Guardian items. Gender of the offspring will be random, and the offspring will sport colorations/designs of both parents. Please note when using an item, the offspring must be bonded to one of the two parents (please choose carefully!)

~ A Glowing Orb will guarantee a heavenly outcome to the pair in question.
~ A pile of Smoldering Soot will guarantee a hellish outcome to the pair in question.

Breeding a wild Eternal Guardian to another Katai will only warrant a 25% chance of the offspring being an Eternal Guardian. 75% of the time the offspring will be a random species Katai (standard species, this excludes other Guardians). Only breeding two wild Eternal Guardians will give the offspring a 100% chance of being another Eternal Guardian.

Likewise, breeding any Eternal Guardian derived from a previous breeding will always result in a random Katai species.

**Important Notice: Using an Eternal Guardian's item may not be combined with any items other than the standard Opposite Gender or Same Gender items. Therefore, you may not use a twin or triplets items with them, nor any others.



Those who are of kind & good hearts will have the power to draw out their inner Eternal Guardians. These beasts will only manifest in dire situations when those of the kind and ultimate good nature are in danger. They bring peace, hope and prosperity to those around them, not to mention a great deal of courage and strength.

Their name, Mitsukai, hails from the Japanese word which translates to angel.

Unlike the other guardians, the Eternal Guardians do not have rules that come with colors or designs ... as all colors and designs are derived from the Katai he or she is set to protect.

Acceptable Names: As the Mitsukai are heavenly beings, their names should be derived from words that translate into good, or angelic things.

These guardians have control over the heavens above.

As beings who control the good and positive in life, the Mitsukai show control over all things with pure hearts. They have the ability to raise confidence in others as well as making them feel safe and protected. By nature, the Mitsukai will exude a feeling of content and harmony when they are around. They possess the ability to bring peace to any situation. They are often said to hold qualities of the seven virtues.

Mitsukai are humble beings who place those they protect in front of their own lives at all times. A Katai with a Mitsukai on their side must be of the light with strong, good hearts. These Katai who call forth a Mitsukai as a guardian are often selfless and sacrificing. A protected Katai and their Mitsukai ward can often speak to each other verbally, though to any around them the words will sound like a foreign language. This language is called caelum; an ancient dialect that only a Katai and it's Mitsukai ward can understand together.


Those who house a black soul, those who are selfish, manipulative and deceiving will draw out their own inner Eternal Guardians as well. These beasts will manifest in dire situations where evil wishes to thrive over good. They bring despair, chaos and destruction to those around them, and normally stop at nothing until those of good nature are destroyed.

These beasts have been come to be called the Oni - a Japanese word which translates to demon.

Much like their opposite natured counter-parts, they do not have coloring rules as their colors will hail from the Katai they are bound to protect.

Acceptable Names: As Oni are hellish beings, their names should be derived from words that translate into negative, or demonic things.

These guardians have control over the fires in hell.

As beings who control the horrible and negative in life, the Oni show control over all things with black hearts. They have the ability to raise chaos in others, induce hysteria, and of course bring out the utmost evil in those who have conjured them. By nature, Oni exude a feeling of corruption, deception and malice. They possess the ability to cause hatred and envy, and often times are said to portray qualities of the seven deadly sins.

Oni are prideful beings who place their self before everyone else. They are often very selfish. A Katai with an Oni on their side must be of the blackest hearts. These Katai who call forth an Oni as a guardian are often selfish and corrupt. A protected Katai and their Oni ward can often speak to each other verbally, though to those around them the language will sound foreign. This language comes from the ancient dialect known as malum