Ward ~ The title of the Katai the Guardian has chosen to protect. Wards and Guardians are so well connected that they can sense each other's feelings even if not in the same area together. Guardians can also come to their Ward's side the moment they are called upon. Guardians are only permitted to service ONE Ward, and Wards may only have one Guardian protector.
(Only stand alone Katai can have Guardians. No perma-twins, no love-pairs.)


Naming Rules

The Guardians of Ferox are very noble creatures, and therefore names such as Fluffy or Starbeam will just not do for these beings.

Please try to name your Guardian something unique, but something real - nothing fru fru or child-like. You may use other languages (Japanese, Elvish, etc etc) of course, just stick within the naming guidelines.


Certificate Information

Name: (Name of your Guardian)
Gender: (Gender of your Guardian)
Owner: (Owner of your Guardian)
*Ward: (Who the Guardian is Protecting - if none, N/A will be filled in)
Species: (Species of the Guardian)

*Note: Choosing a pre-existing Katai for your new Guardian to protect means you are willing to participate in RP Events when the arise.

You will only need to send information for a Guardian NAME, OWNER name and their WARD's name - all other fields will be filled in.


Obtaining a Guardian

Unlike the rest of the Katai Family that can be obtained via public events or through customs - Guardian Katai will primarily be given away through Role-Playing Events either on the Pony Island Forums or on the Katai's Off Site Forums. These creatures are not meant to be RP Mandatory but RP Optional (those who are not used for RP Purposes will be assumed to have not found their bonded Katai partner).

For those out there who do not RP - there will be minor events here and there that Guardians will be given away at, but these events will be very rare. Please keep in mind that if you place a name besides the Ward position on the certificate, you are stating that you are willing to participate in RP Events when they unfold. If you receive a Guardian and do not wish to participate in the events, please place n/a in that field.

Guardians for Customs :: Customs for Guardians (RP usable, or not) will be available on occasion at a starting rate of 400,000 PG. They are priced as such for rarity purposes - Guardians are not supposed to be easily obtained like other species in the Katai Adoptable. Of course if you are a willing participant for the RP Events, your chances at obtaining a Guardian are better - PG Customs are primarily there for those who do not wish to RP with the group.


Ownership & Guardianship

For over all reasoning, Guardians will be handled in two ways -
1) The same user can own both the Guardian and the Katai he/she protects
2) One user can own the Katai, and another user can own the Guardian (Primarily for RP purposes as its always more fun to play opposite someone else rather than against yourself ~__n)

*Please see Obtaining information on how to receive/obtain a Guardian.


Breeding Season & Babies

Much like the rest of the Katai Adoptable, the Guardians will be a breedable addition. However, they do not require items for Breeding Season but those who wish to participate will be placed into a randomizer as only three breeding slots per season will be allowed. You do NOT need to own both parents, but you will need to obtain permission from the other person if you do not. Each breeding is guaranteed at least one offspring - however twins will be available depending on the roll of dice (up to chance). Bribes for triplets will be available as well, but will be highly unlikely to obtain.

Guardian Babies who do NOT have a Ward Katai will remain small for roughly 6 months.

Gaurdian Babies who DO have a Ward Katai will remain small until their counterpart grows - this way the two age together.

~* Species *~

Pronunciation: Ter-rah
Appropriate Colors: Earth Tones; Browns, Greens, Creams, Tans, etc

The Terra are Guardians who have been blessed by the Earth.

They have taken on the form of the Fox and are very cunning and quick creatures, but also kind hearted, loyal and laid back. These types of Guardians can be found living in small, burrow like homes through out the forests of Ferox.

As a Guardian, the Terra take some time developing a relationship with their Ward as they are very free spirited - however once a stable relationship is structured, the Terra will devote his or her life to their Ward. They are small in stature, but their size should not take away from th size of their heart. Do not be fooled - Terra Guardians are quick in a battle, fast healers and will fight to the death if need be.

These fun loving creatures communicate with their Wards verbally as well as through small sounds and chirps that only their Ward can understand. By nature, they usually have very laid back personalities who enjoy basking in the glow of the sun or enjoying the cool of the streams.


Pronunciation: Ig-nis
Appropriate Colors: Fire Tones; Reds, Yellows, Oranges, Whites, etc (Soot grey on occasion)

The Ignis are Guardians who have been blessed by the Fire.

These creatures are the most dangerous of all the Guardians as they have fierce, uncontrollable tempers that remain hidden until someone threatens their Ward. These creatures have taken on the form of ancient reptiles and as such have inherited their ancestors' slow movements. Because the Ignis are slow-moving in battle, their incredibly thick skin often times proves menacing for attackers.

They are also equipped with large claws upon their feet as well as razor sharp teeth - so although these creatures move slower than the other Guardians, the Ignis are not ones to take for granted. Due to Fire ruling their lives, the Ignis prefer warmer climates, and can often be found through the deserts of Ferox or on the volcano side of the lands. Personality wise, Ignis are very out spoken, obnoxious and tempermental - they say what they want regardless of who it can offend.

These Guardians communicate with their Wards verbally and also through grunts and snarls that only their Ward can understand. Ignis Guardians are skeptical by nature, but as long as the Katai in question has a spit-fire personality, the creature will bond to them quickly.


Pronunciation: Ay-thur
Appropriate Colors: Pale Tones; Whites, Silvers, Greys, Pale Lavenders, Pale Purples, etc (Black on occasion)

The Aither are Guardians who have been blessed by the Wind.
These deer-like creatures are the speediest of the Guardians as they are as swift as the wind, and as silent as it as well. Their long, elegant legs dance delicately against the ground when they walk, and the small wings on their backs help the Aither travel through the breeze.

These Guardians can come and go as they please, appearing and disappearing as quickly as the winds allow them to travel. They are quick to spook but are very curious by nature. Much like their Guardian kin the Terra, the Aither need some time getting to know their Ward from a distance before they seek to persue the relationship. Once a proper relationship is established, an Aither will do everything and anything within their power to keep their Ward safe from harm.

These delicate creatures have the power to communicate not only verbally with their Ward but also telepathically (*telepathic speech to the Ward/Guardian should be italicized for easier reading). Aither are curious creatures who enjoy learning just as much as they do running or jumping - these Guardians need an active Katai to keep them happy.


Pronunciation: Ma-did-us
Appropriate Colors: Water Tones; Blues, Indigos, Cyans, etc

The Madidus are Guardians who have been blessed by the Water.

These creatures have chosen a design crossed between a dolphin and a shark - they have also, oddly enough, taken personality traits from both as well. Good-natured and easy going, Madidus are playful creatures who enjoy working on puzzles and brain-teasers with their Ward.

These creatures are very easy to befriend as they are always looking for the proper playmate, and once they have found their Ward, they bond for a life time much like the other Guardians. Because the Madidus are such laid back Guardians, many believe them to be a push over when it comes to protecting their Ward - do not be fooled. Regardless of their dolphin-like playful personality, their shark-like protective nature will kick in instantly if they feel their Ward is in danger.

These Guardians who control the waters have been rumored to summon Tsunamis and Tidal Waves at their call if need be - they should not be taken lightly. A Madidus Guardian can not only communicate verbally with their Ward but also telepathically (*telepathic speech to the Ward/Guardian should be italicized for easier reading).