Katai Customs have been 100% revamped from what they were before. All standard Katai are available for PG/BP, and a USD price will be listed as well for more specialty things like Guardians, Love-Pairs or Perma-Babies/Twins. All Katai customs will be for ADULTS - unless someone is purchasing a perma-baby, or perma-twins.

Each species will be listed at a different starting price. All species will be available with all PI Standard genes (this does not include Breed Specific Genes such as zebra or clown fish). Custom markings will also be available, however these will start at a higher price. Custom markings will also be subject to price changes based on the difficulty of the design being requested.

When Ordering a Custom Katai ... please be sure that you have filled out the form 100%. If there is a section that does not fit your needs, simply put N/A or ----- to fill in the empty spot.

It is also helpful if you ... be specific. Vague custom forms receive a head tilt, and a PM back to the person ordering which asks for clarification. The clearer you are initially, the smoother/easier the custom will go. If there is a specific hex you'd like used, please include it.

Always remember to have... patience! Customs are not created in seconds, or over night. In fact in some cases they take time to perfect. Your patience is always appreciated!

Payment is expected... before the custom has been completed. Usually payment is expected when the final price has been sent back as customs are not worked on until payment has been received.



All prices found here for species are the starting prices. Things such as gender and design will also factor in.

Aerithas -- 50,000 PG
Aquillion -- 50,000 PG
Atrois -- 150,000 PG
Aurabex** -- 250,000 PG
Bynx -- 150,000 PG
Caveo -- 75,000 PG
Emusha -- 75,000 PG
Epinacus -- 75,000 PG
Falcis -- 75,000 PG
Fenix -- 50,000 PG
Hybodus -- 75,000 PG
Ka Hrok -- 50,000 PG
Kasui -- 50,000 PG
Khenaye -- 50,000 PG
Kobie -- 50,000 PG
Lunaselle -- 75,000 PG
Malvado -- 75,000 PG
Nagathe -- 50,000 PG
Sambari -- 100,000 PG
Tampuli -- 100,000 PG
Vestica -- 100,000 PG
Volans -- 50,000 PG
Yingan -- 50,000 PG

Aither -- $3
Ignis -- $3
Madidus -- $3
Terra -- $3

Akeru -- $7
Vesper -- $7

Mitsukai -- $25
Oni -- $25

**Denotes a Seasonal Species -- Only available during their corresponding season

Male -- 75,000 PG
Female -- 50,000 PG

Perma Baby/Twins (Available in USD only) -- $6/$10
Love-Pair (Available in USD only) -- $15

Simple Design (1-3 colors) -- 25,000 PG
Medium Design (4-5 colors) -- 50,000 PG
Intricate Design (5+ colors) -- 100,000 PG

Basic (1-3 Genes) -- FREE
Moderate (4-5 Genes) -- 25,000 PG
Advanced (Custom Markings) -- 500,000 PG & Up

Available PI Genes

Zig Zag
Body Fade
Heavy Dapples


Face Fade

Multi Stripes
Quad Stripes
Hair Fade

*Colorized genes are also available


The following is the form which should be filled out and submitted to the account The Katai. Please wait for a response before sending payment as it will be calculated for you.

Owner Name:
Katai Name:
Design (include colors & PI Genes being used):

*If ordering Perma-Twins or a Love-Pair, please provide the design for both male & female.