Certificate Companions are little critters that sit on the cert with your Katai to keep it company. There are currently 16 critters total (8 good & 8 evil), and all critters come in a variety of colors with a variety of premade markings (custom markings are NOT available on Certificate Companions). These companions come in either a pretty present box or a burlap sack with a tag. The tag color will indicate which critter is on the inside, and the coloring of the box will indicate the coloring of the critter.

Certificate Companions are nameless and genderless.

There are two types of companions; Good and Evil. Companions that are "good natured" they should be teamed with a "good natured" Katai, just as "evil natured" companions should be paired with an "evil natured" Katai - however exceptions will be made if the pairing is made for RP purposes.

**Note: Companions can ONLY be attached to ADULTS or PERMA BABIES. They cannot be attached to growing babies


As always please send all information to THE KATAI. Include in your PM the following:
-- Image of the Cert Companion
-- Image of the KATAI you want it attached to

PM Titles should be: Cert Companion (or something similar)


** These companions may only be attached to Good Natured Katai
Exceptions will be allowed on a case by case basis for RP purposes

The most common critters are the Flying Squirrel and the Weasel. These creatures live primarily in the forests of Ferox and prefer to befriend those who are adventureous and active. They are a handful to manage, but under the proper hand (or paw), they are very loyal.

They are associated with a box that sports a white tag:


Aside from the Flying Squirrels and Weasels, the Kangaroo Rat and Pterosaur are the second most common amongst the critters in Ferox. These tiny beings perfer hot areas like the deserts, but will also find hommage in the forests and in some of the lower areas of the mountains. They are curious creatures who enjoy learning and will bond best with a creature who enjoys exploring.

They are associated with a box that sports a brown tag:


The deserts of Ferox are also home to the troublesome Jackalope and Taziger. These mischievious creatures are always speedily hopping/running from place to place and causing trouble wherever they can. They require a fun-loving Katai who is willing to play pranks, crack jokes, and spend their days being lazy and care-free.

They are associated with a box that sports a blue tag:


The swampy marshlands of Ferox are always over flowing with the musical vocals of Frogs but the waters are haunted by the Anglers. Shy by nature, they require a Katai who is persistant enough to win over their trust.

They are associated with a box that sports a red tag:


Similar to the frog's shy nature, Geckos are also shy but they enjoy living in the trees through Ferox, while their demonic counterparts, the Eels hunt in the rivers. They can also sometimes be found in swampy/marshy areas as well. Once befriended, they becomes a very curious creature who learns by doing, not by being taught.

They are associated with a box that sports a black tag:


Probably the most majestic of the smaller creatures in Ferox are the Butterflies and the Cobra. These elegant creatures enjoy every aspect of Ferox, but do tend to shy away from the mountains. They are vibrant creatures who enjoy spending their time with Katai who are brightly colored just as they are.

They are associated with a box that sports a green tag:


One of the most vicious of the good natured critters in Ferox is the Hawk, and one of the most feared evil critters is the Scorpion. These beings tend to hide in the tree tops and along the mountains of Ferox. Hawks prefer playing friend to Katai who can join them in the skies, or those who can run very quickly, while Scorpions are impressed with Katai who can climb and maneuver. These creatures in Ferox are active by nature, and therefore need a Katai who is going to give them a run rather than one who is lazy.

They are associated with a box that sports a purple tag:


Last but not least are the rarest of the critters in Ferox. The Platypus and the Archaeopteryx are shy creatures who usually keeps to them self or to their companion. By nature they are quiet beings who, once befriended, turn into a ball of fun. They are curious and love exploring, but will only do so with someone they trust.

They are associated with a box that sports a yellow tag:


Customs will open for cert companions once every 2 months or so, or when other customs are being accepted. Only 5 slots will be open for cert companions - this is to not over run Ferox or the Katai in general with fuzzy little critters (need equal balance in their world, right?)

To keep things fair for everyone, customs are limited one per person.

Gifting is permitted but you may only gift to someone who has not claimed a slot on their own.

Payment is expected within 24 hours of your name appearing on the Custom list. Sunneh revokes the right to remove your name from the list if payment is not sent/received within 24 hours.

Payment should be sent to THE KATAI with a brief message in the box regarding the custom.


White Tag (Flying Squirrel/Weasel) .... 10,000 PG
Brown Tag (Kangaroo Rat/Pterosaur) .... 10,000 PG
Blue Tag (Jackalope/Taziger) .... 15,000 PG
Red Tag (Frog/Angler) .... 15,000 PG
Black Tag (Gecko/Eel) .... 20,000 PG
Green Tag (Butterfly/Cobra) .... 25,000 PG
Purple Tag (Hawk/Scorpion) .... 35,000 PG
Yellow Tag (Platypus/Archaeopteryx) .... 50,000 PG


Please fill out all areas completely and with as many details as you can. Putting in colors like "blue" or "pink" will get you what Sunneh considers blue or pink to be - if you are requesting a specific shade, please use a specific name or the code (RGB/Hex).

Companion For (please provide Katai LINK or IMAGE):

Tag Color:

Main Color (Body):
Accent Color 1:
Accent Color 2 (If Applicable):
Wing Colors (Butterfly Only):

Marking(s) (Select from List - max 3):

Premade Marking Selection
-- Zigzags
-- Paint
-- Dapples
-- Heavy Dapples
-- Hearts
-- Stars
-- Stockings
-- Socks
-- Fade
-- Face Fade
-- Blaze
-- Star
-- Freckles