When the path had been set by those who guarded the Elements, the beings that sat on higher thrones decided to make their presence known in Ferox. It was on a day where the sun sat balanced between Daylight & Nightfall that the great beasts who guarded Day & Night emerged.

The great Unicorns neighed so fiercely the sun shook. They laughed at the sight of the scared Katai and dipped their mighty heads to their counterparts.

The mighty Dragons roared stars across the sky regardless that the sun sat fondly in between darkness.

Mystified, the Katai bowed their heads to these noble beasts and learned that they were known as the Celestial Guardians - protectors and keepers of the Day & Night skies.



Ward ~ The title of the Katai the Guardian has chosen to protect. Wards and Guardians are so well connected that they can sense each other's feelings even if not in the same area together. Guardians can also come to their Ward's side the moment they are called upon. Guardians are only permitted to service ONE Ward.



Because the Vesper and Akeru are Celestial Guardians they have the power to protect a Katai who already has an Elemental Guardian. This means that a Katai can have up to two Guardians - one Elemental Guardian, and one Celestial Guardian.

Due to this ability, the Celestial Guardians will be very hard to obtain via RPing Events & Other Events. They will also be much more expensive as far as Customs go, and slots for their types of Customs will be limited to 2 per open Customs (1 Vesper & 1 Akeru) - and via raffle (more info will be available when the event occurs in thread).

The Ward field on their cert will only be filled in with the Katai's name, not the Elemental Guardian's name.


Breeding Information

Much like the Elemental Guardians, the Celestial Guardians will have their own breeding season around the same time as the other Katai and they will also be done via a lottery for breeding slots. Two breeding slots will be available for each Celestial breed each season - one for opposite gender pairs, and one for same gender pairs.

The number of offspring guaranteed from the pairings will always be at least one. Twins will be available but only from RPing events.


~* Species *~

The word Vesper comes from the Latin dialect which translates to evening star or evening.

Appropriate Colors: Nocturnal hues; deep blues, navies, blacks, dark greys with accent colors in pale yellows and golden hues.

Acceptable Names: Named after either various Latin heros/heroines, or various Latin words. If the Latin language gives you trouble, you may also use other ancient langauages - Greek, Sanskrit or even the fantasy langauge Elvish.

These Guardians have taken control of the night sky.

As beings who control the night, the Vesper have powers not only over the moon and stars, but also over creatures who are nocturnal. They are your Ferox-Sandmen and also help control the dreams of those living in the world of Ferox. Vesper - being noble and dignified creatures - have chosen to take on the form of the ancient Dragon.

They are very skilled when it comes to flying and fighting, and being passive by nature, they much prefer to hash out negative things verbally rather than physical. A Vesper is not easily angered, and therefore it would take a tremendous amount of wrong-doing to cause a Vesper to fight. This does not mean that he or she will stand by and allow someone to bully around their Ward - in fact it is quite the opposite.

Having an adult Vesper on your side makes a Katai nearly indesctructible (keeping this in mind obtaining one is going to be MUCH harder). The link between a Vesper and a Katai can be handled in various ways - verbally, telepathically and through Nox - a dead language where the Ward of a Vesper can read the Stars for messages from their Guardian. Vesper have minor control over the other elements.


The word Akeru comes from the Japanese dialetc which translates to to become daylight or dawn.

Appropriate Colors: Diurnal hues; sky blues, golden hues, yellows, some reds and oranges, whites, creams, etc.

Acceptable Names: Because these creatures are very diplomatic and dignified, only names translating from Japanese is fitting for them. If finding a name in Japanese proves difficult, feel free to use Korean, Chinese, or other Eastern Asia languages.

These Guardians have been empowered by the day sky.

As beings who control the day, the Akeru have the power to not only create clouds and beautiful skies, but also have powers over those animals who are diurnal. These magnificant creatures also harbor the ability to control one's day-dreams, or fantasies. Despite many traditional statements of things being like night & day - polar opposites of one another - this does not hold true when it comes to the Vesper and the Akeru.

Much like the Vesper - these creatures are very noble and very dignified - as such they have chosen the form of the Unicorn. Also in similarities to their night-counterparts, the Akeru are peaceful, passive creatures who prefer settling disputes verbally rather than physically. These beings, however, should not be over looked as the power of their horn does not only protect themselves but also their Ward.

Akeru are not as indestructible as the Vesper (they will also be much harder to obtain), but it would certainly take much more brute strength to defeat one once the creature has been placed on a battle path. Link between Akeru and Katai is not easily shattered, and much like their counter parts, there are several ways for an Akeru to communicate with their Ward. First and foremost they can use verbal speech, telepathy, and also they can speak through the ancient dialect Unjou - a dead language where the Ward of an Akeru can read the Clouds for hidden messages from their Guardian. Akeru have minor control over the other elements.