Breeding Season General Information ~

-- Generally occurs once per year and is always held in the spring (April/May)

-- All users are permitted two (2) Standard slots to submit and one (1) Guardian slot

-- Standard slots cost 1,000 PG each, Guardian slots cost 2,000 PG each; PG must be sent to The Katai with the pair name in the message line.

-- Each season is kept open for two weeks; forms submitted after the deadline will be null & void

-- Users are permitted to borrow a Katai but they must have permission from the owner

-- All permissions must be posted in the appropriate thread which can/will be found in Adoptables Breeding

-- If the owner does not post permission by the time forms are due in expires, your breed is null & void

-- Borrowing of items is not permitted - you must own the item in order to participate

(the Items Shoppe will also open prior to Breeding Season for last minute purchases)
-- Gifting of offspring is permitted however it is the Giftee's responsibility to send in a name

-- Once babies are posted, owners have 30 days to send them in for certing (much like all events)

-- Inter-species breeding IS permitted - hybrid offspring do not exist, therefore, the offspring will be one of the parent species unless a specific item is used that changes that

-- All breeds must use either an opposite gender item (red/ruby) or a same gender item (purple/amethyst) in order to be accepted (unless otherwise specified)

-- In an Opposite Gender Breed, the female is always the carrier

-- In a Same Gender Breed, either male or female may be the carrier

-- Carriers in a season may only breed once - Non-Carrying Males may breed as many times as the owner wishes

The above color chart indicates which items will do what for the species. Please note that a few species have minor changes which have been indicated beneath the main color for that particular item. A complete list of items can be found by selecting the Items Shop link on the navigation.

Below are a set of links which are designed to take you to the various Frequently Asked Question sections regarding breeding seasons. Please read the pages carefully. If your question has not been answered on one of these pages, or in the current breeding season thread on PonyIsland, feel free to ask your question and it will be answered as quickly as possible.

General Frequently Asked Questions
Standard Species Frequently Asked Questions
Guardian Species Frequently Asked Questions
Love-Pair Frequently Asked Questions